How do I convince my landlord to accept Airbnb?

Your landlord may have heard about Airbnb and a host of other home-sharing companies, but how does he feel about all of that? Although most landlords are fine with you renting out your place through these services, some might not be as open to the idea. Here’s what you can do to convince your landlord to allow you to rent it out through Airbnb and similar services.


The constant maintenance to keep the property rentable:


One way to convince the landlord is to maintain the rental property constantly. If you own a rental property and rent it on Airbnb, you need to regularly take care of several tasks. Make sure your tenants can rent your home. Assure that the building is adequately maintained and everything works properly when needed. Inspect appliances, air-conditioning, heating units, roofs, and heating, repair loose tiles and do plumbing jobs every time something needs to be done daily.


The property is perfectly maintained, which makes it easy sellable if wanted :


This property is being professionally managed so that the landlord can have his mind at ease knowing that his property is safe and sound. This allows him to open his options if he would like to sell the property in the near future. This argument will help you to convince your landlord to accept Airbnb.


  • Initially, the property will be accessible for visits more frequently, in contrast with a typical investment property where you have steady control of the property.


  • Besides, the property will forever be perfect whenever there are no visitors, making it simple to show the property to possible purchasers.


  • At long last, for the Airbnb listing, you will require great expert photographs, which you could impart to the landlord if he needs to list the property. If the landlord were to organize those photos himself, it would cost him a few hundred dollars.


Extra Business Insurance


Airbnb offers insurance of 1 million dollars for material damage done by guests to the property. In addition, you can offer additional insurance to your landlord to cover even higher amounts of damage or other types of damage. For instance, to protect damaged garden furniture and replace your broken window.


Screening of the Guests


Another way to ensure the property is left in the right condition is to screen the guests. Before your guests arrive, you can add some information about what is involved in having the party and registering with you. If you tell them that having a party and therefore noise is not permitted, you may attract a more respectful guest who will keep an eye on noise levels. This will also offer additional insurance to your landlord.


Pay a higher security deposit as standard


If nothing works properly for your landlord, then pay a higher security deposit as standard. As a side benefit, this shows the property owner that you are serious about renting from him, and you are willing to take on financial risk if something happens during your lease term. 



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