A Beginner’s Guide To Safe and Secure Airbnb Booking

Airbnb protects you from fraud, unsafe listings, and accident coverage with the Safer Booking Guarantee. A large variety of unique accommodation listing options make getting around your destination quick and easy. Airbnb bookings are also safe – as long as you know what to look for.


Common Customer Safety Concerns Include


  • Payment Safety (Card Details)
  • Safety Of Personal Information
  • Guest Safety At The Property
  • Choose between “host greets you” or self-check-in
  • Booking Scams And Fraud Safety


Payment Safety (Card Details)


On Airbnb, guests can only pay for a booking via card (credit or debit). If you’re a guest, you shouldn’t feel tempted to pay your host any other way. If a host wants to change your booking that requires payment, they’ll need your permission.


Safety of Personal Information


As an Airbnb user, you have the right to control who sees your personal information. You can choose what bio and picture you would like to disclose publicly on your profile. Any user can see your profile if they come across it on the site. Guest and host contact information (including their phone number) is hidden from the other party until a booking is confirmed between the two.


After a booking is made, your host can see the phone number you linked to your account, but your email address remains hidden. When hosts need to contact guests, they’ll typically message on Airbnb rather than via phone (in my experience). Some hosts ask guests to provide ID at check-in, depending on the booking type (like a hotel or guesthouse). In my experience, a host has rarely asked me to present ID for a house or apartment rental. Nevertheless, knowing that your personal information is safeguarded gives peace of mind when planning a vacation or business trip.


Guest Safety At The Property


You’re entering a stranger’s home with your valuables, and there’s no key to lock the door behind you! How do you know it’s actually safe? Airbnb is doing everything they can to make you feel great about that decision, so you never want to go back to booking a hotel.¬†


Choose between “host greets you” or self-check-in


Your host will post their check-in preferences in their listing. “Host greets you” means your host (or co-host) will greet you at the property when you check-in and may show you around the place and provide important things to know. Self-check-in means your host sends check-in instructions to you – whether that’s how to open a keypad, retrieve your key from the doorman, or find your key under the front doormat.


Booking Scams and Fraud Safety


Fraud and scam reports on Airbnb have been significantly reduced over the years. Still, it’s essential to be aware of them, know how to avoid them, and be prepared if you ever encounter suspicious or fraudulent behavior.

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