Is Airbnb For Me? Check out My Analysis of the Air BNB vs. B&B Debate

If you’re someone who travels more than once a year, you probably know the struggle of finding suitable accommodation for your trip. There are many options out there, so it can be difficult to decide. So, what to choose? A B&B or Airbnb? 


Airbnb and B&Bs are both great accommodation options for travelers, offering the amenities you need for the perfect stay. So, what is the difference between Airbnb and Bed & Breakfast?


What is Bed & Breakfast?


A bed and breakfast (or B&B) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. Staying in a Bed & Breakfast is more like living with a family than living in a hotel. The place is run by people who live there, so they’re always there when you need something. Many are historic, renovated houses or an estate.


These places usually have only a few rooms which help them create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Most travelers book B&B because they want to experience local cuisine culture and get information from residents. So if you’re someone who wants a homey atmosphere with a personalized experience, staying at a B&B might be perfect for you.


Advantages of  Bed & Breakfast


  • Delicious Homemade Breakfast
  • Personalized Experience
  • Local Insight
  • Activity Options


Delicious Homemade Breakfast


A fresh homemade breakfast is included in the price of your stay. Enjoy organic yogurt and fresh berries, eggs with salsa Fresca, bacon, pan-seared ham or sausage, homemade pancakes, tropical fruit smoothies, and freshly brewed coffee with sweet cream. Most times, breakfast is enjoyed by all guests at the same time in a common area or in your room for an additional fee.


Personalized Experience


If you’re someone who doesn’t like the impersonal nature of hotel rooms, a bed and breakfast stay is exactly what you need. You’ll feel right at home in one of our inviting B&B rooms and enjoy added perks like friendly service, homemade breakfast each morning, and individualized suggestions for things to do. 


Local Insight


If you want to experience local life, a B&B usually has a built-in tour guide to provide all the local insight you want when visiting a new place.


Activity Options


Guests have to do their activities. Scheduled events include bird watching, wine tastings, and cooking classes. If you prefer to hike, explore the nearby national park or attend a baseball game in the city or relax by the pool with a good book… It’s your vacation, and you can choose what you want to do.


Disadvantages of Bed & Breakfast


Although bed and breakfasts have a lot of advantages, some disadvantages might come with booking your next stay in them. Since most travelers look for unique experiences and activities inns offer, it’s important to get familiar with the downsides beforehand. For example, you might be expected to share a bathroom. However, this is not always the case during your stay, and you might find yourself rooming with another couple, depending on availability and the size of the B&B.


What is Airbnb?


Airbnb is a global platform for you to list, discover, and book unique accommodations worldwide. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences at any price point. And with world-leading technology and a trusted community, Airbnb is an easy and enjoyable way to plan your next adventure. You can manage your trips and communicate with hosts on their website or mobile app.


The Advantages of Airbnb


It’s an excellent option for travelers looking for a place to stay while they’re on vacation or business trips.


  • Variety of Properties
  • Complete Control Over Listings
  • Safe and Secure
  • Cover Property Damages


Variety of Properties


Airbnb offers a variety of properties, from apartments and houses to single rooms, suites, houseboats, and even castles.


Complete Control Over Listings


It also allows hosts to have complete control over their listings, from pricing decisions to descriptions and photographs with captions, so that the guest can further understand what they’re looking for.


Safe and Secure


The platform has also put a lot of effort into making sure it’s safe and secure for both hosts and guests. For example, when booking a property, Airbnb will hold the payment from the guest for 24 hours after check-in before releasing the funds to the host.


Cover Property Damages


In case something happens to a property, a Guarantee program will cover property damages for owners.


If you’re looking for a place to stay while traveling, Airbnb is worth checking out!


The Disadvantages of Airbnb


Airbnb is an excellent option for many people who want to travel on a budget or simply enjoy the experience of living in a new place like its locals.


But with any option, some disadvantages need to be weighed.


  • Airbnb adds fees to guest bookings between 0% and 20%, depending on the booking price. The fee covers the service they provide and their customer support. Hosts are charged 3% to 6% per reservation to cover processing costs.
  • If a guest causes damage to your property, Airbnb’s Damage Guarantee program may not cover all of the costs of replacing or repairing those items. And if you decide to get your insurance policy rather than use the company’s guarantee, you could end up paying more in premiums than you would earn as a host.
  • Like every other site on the internet, some hosts may not be entirely honest with their descriptions of their spaces. That’s why it’s important to read reviews from other guests who have stayed at those properties before you book your stay.
  • Some countries have laws that forbid renting out properties, so you may be required to obtain special permits before listing your property.


What to choose? A B&B or Airbnb?


So, we think both Airbnb and B&Bs are great for providing opportunities for travelers to meet new people, immerse themselves in a particular culture, and have a memorable travel experience that they can tell the family about. With that said, it isn’t easy to pinpoint something in particular that makes one choice better than the other, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which option is better suited for you!

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