What is short-term corporate housing

Tips for Finding the Right Short-term Corporate Housing

Are you planning a business trip? Or maybe you’ve just been put in charge of organizing your company’s first business trip. For these situations and more, finding the right extended stay solution is paramount. Short-term corporate housing may be the solution for you.


What is short-term corporate housing?


Short-term corporate housing is a furnished apartment or house where you can stay. At the same time, you transition into a new location or take care of personal or professional matters outside of your home city or state. These places are often near airports or other transportation hubs so that guests can easily access their destinations without having to worry about long commutes on public transportation or driving long distances each day while they’re away from their primary residences (which might not be available during this time).


Short-term corporate housing can be an excellent option for companies to accommodate their employees on the road or in new locations. Here are some tips for finding the right short-term corporate housing for your needs:


Tips for finding the right short-term corporate housing


  • Know What You Need
  • Know What Your Company Needs
  • Plan Early
  • Check Availability Beforehand
  • Research the Neighborhood
  • Consider Amenities
  • Be Flexible on Price
  • Search for Deals
  • Consider staying with a friend or family


Know What You Need


Do you need a furnished apartment? Do you need Internet access? How many bathrooms do you need? The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to make your search more accessible and successful.


Know What Your Company Needs


If there are certain amenities that your company requires, make sure they are included in the lease agreement. This will save both parties time and money down the road.


Plan Early


The earlier you start looking for short-term corporate housing, the more options you’ll have available. Try to book at least three months in advance, but don’t wait until the last minute! If you have an urgent meeting or event, though, it can be worth booking last minute—but keep reading for some other options.


Check Availability Beforehand


You don’t want to book a place that doesn’t have the availability you need or has already been booked by someone else. Booking ahead allows everyone to plan accordingly and ensure that everyone gets what they need from experience. It also gives everyone time to make any changes if something goes wrong!


Research the Neighborhood


When choosing short-term corporate housing, consider the location of the property. If you want to be close to restaurants or other businesses, look for properties in areas with lots of foot traffic and activity. If you need access to public transportation or other amenities like gyms, consider staying close to those.


Consider Amenities


Think about what amenities are important for your employees and make sure they are included in any short-term corporate housing options you’re considering. Some common amenities include WiFi, parking spaces, laundry facilities, and cleanliness ratings (like an Airbnb).


Be Flexible on Price


Short-term corporate housing can be much more expensive than staying at an Airbnb or similar accommodation because it comes with additional services like cleaning and catering (at least breakfast).


Search for Deals


Look for deals on rooms that are normally more expensive—it’s possible they could be offering discounts or other incentives that make them more affordable than usual.


Consider staying with a friend or family


Consider staying with a friend or family member instead of renting an apartment by yourself. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to spend all of your time in one place and want somewhere comfortable to sleep and shower after work each day when you come back from the office! It’ll also save you money on rent and utilities because they won’t need to be paid separately by each person who stays there (or at least not by everyone all at once).


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