What Is a Superhost on Airbnb ? How to Become The One

On Airbnb, there are hosts, and then there are Superhosts. Both types may be great, but Superhosts are considered a cut above the rest. Being a Superhost means that you’ve exceeded the expectations of everyone who has ever stayed with you, and you’ve consistently provided them with an incredible experience.


While only 5-10% of the site’s hosts reach Superhost status, if you’re looking for an incredible stay, this is where you’ll find them. We’ve put together everything you need to know about becoming a Superhost, including what it means, how to qualify, and how to develop your host skills so that you, too, can achieve this top distinction.


What Does Superhost Mean on Airbnb?


If you’re traveling with Airbnb, Superhost is a title you want to see on one of the hosts’ listings. Superhost status means that the host meets certain criteria and can provide an extra level of credibility, trust, and hospitality. 


When a host is a Superhost, it means that the person offers exemplary service and a top-notch guest experience. There are specific criteria to meet and standards to uphold to earn this title, which only about 10% of hosts can do. Superhosts often get booked quickly by guests because they have earned a high level of trust and credibility based on past experiences.


If you’re an Airbnb host who wants to know how to become a Superhost and earn your badge, read on.


How to Become a Superhost?


To become an Airbnb Superhost, you need to meet specific requirements that show your experience as a host and demonstrable ability to provide a great customer experience. Becoming one is no easy feat. But with some work and preparation, you can reach this elite status.


To qualify as a Superhost, you must have a 90% overall rating, four “5-Star” ratings, and an 80% response rate across all past reservation reviews. Your cancellation rate must not exceed 5%. All of your listings must have also achieved the necessary qualifying criteria. If you can meet these metrics over the course of three months, you will be designated as a Superhost. Once you have obtained Superhost status, Airbnb will keep an eye on your performance to see if it remains up to standard. 


Airbnb Superhost Benefits


  • Increased Number of Bookings
  • Increased Income
  • Dedicated support


Increased Number of Bookings


It’s not just about bragging rights. Your Superhost status stays with you across all of your listings, so you’re likely to see an increase in the number of bookings. Potential guests are looking for reliable hosts, so of course, your Superhost listing is going to stand out more than those without it.


Increased Income


Not only will becoming a Superhost increase your monthly income, but you’ll also be able to charge a little bit more because you’ve got a good reputation for providing excellent service. You’re a true professional who goes out of your way to ensure superb guest experiences, and Airbnb gives you opportunities to boost your prestige; becoming a Superhost is one of them.


Dedicated Support


As a Superhost, you get priority treatment when communicating with Airbnb. Responding to guests quickly helps you build a great reputation and earn more money.

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