5 Awful And Wacky Airbnb Problems

Airbnb is the best way to enjoy your trips. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Here are some worst-case scenarios


  • Your Airbnb host cancels on you at the last minute
  • The Place Isn’t What You Expected
  • Your Airbnb Is Illegal
  • Bad hosts
  • Cancellation fees


Your Airbnb host cancels on you at the last minute


If this happens, be sure to send an email with a clear message stating what happened and why you need a refund. Then wait patiently for a response—you have no right to demand one, so don’t do it! If you get no response, reach out again and ask if they received your first email. If they say they did but still haven’t responded, try calling them (but don’t leave a message). This can be awkward because most hosts are extremely busy people who may not always have time to answer every single phone call or email right away.


The Place Isn’t What You Expected


You arrive at your Airbnb and find that it’s not what was advertised online: no air conditioning, dirty sheets, etc.


Contact the host immediately and ask for a partial refund or another night free of charge (in some cases). Be polite and respectful throughout this conversation—even if they seem like they’re trying to scam you out of money! 


Your Airbnb Is Illegal


Airbnb is a fantastic way to find accommodations abroad; however, if your host is renting their Place out illegally, it may not be as safe or clean as you expect. In addition, some landlords consider Airbnb users trespassers and could charge you fees or take further legal action. It’s always best to check with your host directly before signing anything and the local laws in your area.


Bad hosts


You can find bad hosts on Airbnb, so you need to be careful. If a host has bad reviews, this means they have been reported many times by users. You should avoid these hosts at all costs.


Cancellation fees


If you cancel your reservation more than 72 hours before the check-in date, you won’t have to pay any fees. However, if you cancel it later than that or don’t show up at all without any notice or explanation, you will be charged an amount equal to one night’s stay plus tax for each night booked through Airbnb. This also applies when there are more than six people in one room. So always check with your host before booking anything extra!


 The best way to avoid these Airbnb Problems is to use common sense, do your research, and stay alert. Be aware of the risks, and you will have a fantastic experience on Airbnb.



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