Airbnb’s Age Restrictions – Everything You Need To Know

Airbnb has quite a few rules that apply to guests, such as a minimum stay duration, where you should and shouldn’t stay (city center), Airbnb’s age restrictions, how many guests are allowed, how many nights are required in the exact location, and the maximum number of rooms in your reservation. To help protect hosts and their guests, Airbnb enforces an age restriction that limits the service to guests who are at least 18 years of age. However, the company makes exceptions for some well-behaved groups, like families with small children. In this guide, we’ll cover Airbnb’s age restrictions, so read on to learn;


Does Airbnb Have Age Restrictions?


Yes! Airbnb has age restrictions, but they’re only for two different age groups.


  • If you’re under the age of 18, you can’t create your own Airbnb account, but you can still book a rental with a parent or guardian who has an Airbnb account. If you’re between 18 and 24, certain countries have some restrictions.
  • In several regions, including Canada, the US, the UK, France, and Spain, guests between 18 and 24 who live locally and don’t have at least three positive reviews with 0 negative reviews aren’t allowed to book an entire home independently. However, if they live outside of their home country or meet these review requirements, they can book an entire house by themselves. In all other countries, guests between 18 and 24 can book an entire home as long as they’re registered on the booking.


Why Were Age Restrictions Introduced?


Airbnb’s age restrictions were first introduced in August of 2020. The policy was introduced in Canada and then applied to guests under 25 in the US, UK, France, and Spain. Since that time, many people have speculated why this new policy came into effect.


According to reports from Airbnb, parties have been listed as a problem on less than half of 1% of listings. Despite this fact, a handful of these incidents have garnered widespread publicity, including a shooting that occurred at an Airbnb rental on Halloween night of 2019. According to one Airbnb host, the guest had signed an agreement saying they would not have a party at the property.


In response to these incidents and the publicity they generated, Airbnb decided to develop a policy that would protect the safety of its hosts and neighbors. As part of this new policy, guests under the age of 25 who live locally and don’t have at least three positive reviews will be restricted from booking entire homes.


How To Book An Airbnb If You’re Under 25 Years Old?


Because of Airbnb’s new policy on under 25-year olds, going forward, young adults may only be able to book a local listing (i.e., an entire home) when they have all of the following is true: 


1) you’ve earned at least three positive reviews and 0 negative reviews

2) all three positive reviews must have been earned in the past 12 months 

3) your account has been active for at least 12 months


What To Do If You’re Under 18?


If you’re 17 or under, you can’t list or book properties on Airbnb. However, if you are a family member of someone who has already secured an Airbnb property, you can add to their booking.

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