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Airbnb Tips: 6 Tips For Higher Rankings and Better Results on Airbnb

Are you looking to rank higher on Airbnb? We went ahead and did some research, so you don’t have to. This guide will show you how to get more reservations even if your listing seems buried, but it also gives you a comprehensive look at the ranking factors involved in this popular accommodation network.


Ways to Get 5 Stars on Airbnb


  • Update Your Calendar
  • Avoid Cancellations
  • Respond Quickly
  • Get Positive Reviews
  • Keep Your Descriptions Up-to-Date
  • Offer competitive rates


Update Your Calendar


It’s no secret that holiday weekends will get you more exposure and more money. When you’re listed on significant home-sharing sites, your calendar should be marked off to make your availability clear to any potential renter who might want to book your space. Take the time to mark out holidays, and the times around them, to ensure that people know when they can count on you to be available. A manager can help you by keeping your Airbnb calendar synced with your online listings.


Avoid Cancellations


We know that sometimes cancellations are inevitable, but apart from major emergencies and extreme unforeseen circumstances, never cancel a booking. It’s not about making a guest unhappy; it’s also because you’ll be instantly penalized by the search algorithm. So, if you want to give your business the best chance of being successful as possible, never cancel a booking and offer an alternative date instead.


Respond Quickly


Your inbox can often be a running list of things you need to get done. Can it also feel like a constant source of stress—all those messages? They demand a response! Not only is that what people expect, but it’s necessary if you want to book quickly. You’ll be ranked higher on the app, and not responding timely leaves room for a competitor to react instead.


Get Positive Reviews


We all know that your visitors trust the reviews you receive, and the higher the count of positive ratings, the better chances you’ll have. So try to get positive reviews.


Keep Your Descriptions Up-to-Date


We’re talking high-quality pictures, a clear and updated title, and more than enough information about nearby attractions, neighborhoods, and amenities. This tactic shows Airbnb that you’re worthy, focused, and responsible enough to generate income for the website. By updating your description and adding more details about the area, you can attract even more guests and be certain that visitors who get there will want to come back.


Offer Competitive Rates


Setting your price is a balancing act: it’s important to make sure that you’re making enough money from your rental, but keep in mind that increasing your price too much means fewer guests will see your place and book with you.

Remember, too, that setting a price higher than other listings doesn’t necessarily mean that fewer guests will find it attractive—especially if the quality of your place is better than comparable listings!


How long will it take to see results?


So, when will you start to see results? Good question. You should be looking for no specific timeline, but here’s how it usually works: The more guest interactions you have (whether they’re messages, bookings, or requests for info), the more the algorithm will favor you. Keep in mind that this is just a generalization. If things go well, you should start seeing results in a few weeks.

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