rent your house as corporate housing

How to rent your house as corporate housing

Want to rent your house or condo to corporate housing? Start by creating a corporate housing profile and completing one of our primary or advanced property search evaluations. Property owners have various options when choosing which corporate housing provider is right for them, but every opportunity starts with creating a basic or advanced online property evaluation. We can help! Read on to learn:


Why should I rent my house to corporate housing?


Most people don’t realize that corporate housing can be more profitable than long-term rentals. They can be 2-3 times better. Although corporate housing requires more effort, increased profit leads landlords to consider corporate housing.


Even though it is a corporation and their lease can be extended, don’t forget to require renter’s insurance for their personal belongings. The objective of corporate housing is to be 40% to 50% less expensive than a monthly hotel stay. Determine your market’s rate by calling different hotels. Ask their rates for 30 days.


Another advantage of renting corporate housing is that you can rent out space for longer periods. You may have heard about Airbnb, a platform for renting out your home or apartment when you are not using it, and other people who want to rent yours! This is the same concept except on a larger scale and with people looking for longer stays (i.e., 30 days).


How to rent your house to corporate companies?


If you’re looking to rent your house, the chances are that you need a little extra cash. Corporate rentals can offer you a stable income, and they also provide a great way to meet new people. But before you start renting out your home.


There are a few things you need to know about corporate rentals.


  • Start by creating a list of necessary furnishings. You will need couches, chairs, tables, and other things to make the property feel like a home.
  • Once you have this list ready, go out and buy all the items needed for furnishing your house.
  • Before buying furniture, start by creating a list of necessary furnishings. Like vacation rentals, your corporate rental will require a team of contractors. You must keep the rental in good condition so that your tenants don’t complain about any problems they encounter during their stay. 
  • Search for a cleaning company and maintenance company to help with this task so that everything runs smoothly. Create a routine checklist for your cleaning company to know exactly what needs fixing or replacing after each tenant leaves their space.


Once the property is furnished, advertise it either to the companies themselves or online.


Where can I advertise a corporate rental?


If you’re looking for a way to advertise your corporate rental, the best place to start is with an HR manager. These people coordinate lodging for large teams and high-level executives, so they know exactly what kind of properties will be most suitable for their needs.


You can find them on LinkedIn or even the company website and then send them a brief description of your property and photos.


If you’re looking to rent out a property to construction crews, you’ll want to look at press releases for large enough projects involving teams traveling from far away. You can find these in local business journals or search online using “construction press release” or “construction news .”Then do some digging and see if you can find the name of general contractors involved in such projects; contact their HR or Office managers directly by emailing them with information about your property.


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